• A Mother Opossum

    A Mother Opossum

    A mama opossum that was hit by a car…

  • Eating First Fish

    Eating First Fish

    a young bald eagle finally eating his first fish

  • Electrocuted eagle

    Electrocuted eagle

    electrocuted eagle

  • Bald Eagle Lead Poison

    Bald Eagle Lead Poison

    Eagles are among the most exciting and dangerous birds…

  • Fawn Pie Bald

    Fawn Pie Bald

    Deer that have more white than normal are called…

  • Fawn Deer

    Fawn Deer

    Fawn deer are treated and raised to be returned…

  • Coyote surgery

    Coyote surgery

    A tricky animal to work with, this particular coyote…

  • Coyotes


    We love coyotes. In addition to raising pups, we’ve…

  • Fox


    Red foxes are commonly admitted. They live near people…